Lynx API
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Lynx API

The Lynx Crypto API is the data backbone of the Lynx Crypto App, a popular tool for tracking and managing cryptocurrency investments. With this API, developers can access information on thousands of different tokens across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.
The API offers endpoints for retrieving data on specific tokens, such as their current price in US dollars and their trading volume. The Lynx Crypto API is an essential resource for accessing reliable and up-to-date token data.

Base Endpoint

All API requests should be made to the following base endpoint:
From this base endpoint, you can then append the specific path for the desired endpoint to make a request. For example, to make a request to the /tokens/price endpoint, the full API request would be made to
Please refer to the documentation for each individual endpoint to see the full list of available paths and parameters.

API Rate Limiting

To ensure the stability and performance of the Lynx Crypto API, we have implemented rate limiting on all endpoints. This means that there is a maximum number of requests that a client can make to the API within a certain time period.
The current rate limit for the Lynx Crypto API is 60 requests per second and 1 million requests per day. If a client exceeds these limits, they will receive a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests error response until the rate limit resets.
To avoid reaching the rate limit, it is important to design your API integrations carefully and to cache data whenever possible. If you anticipate needing a higher rate limit, please contact us to discuss your use case and potential rate limit adjustments.
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