Lynx API
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Candle Chart Data


GET /v1/tokens/candle-chart?tokenId=<TOKEN_ID>&days=<DAYS>&interval=<INTERVAL>


This endpoint returns data for a given token that can be used to create a candlestick chart.

Query String Parameters

  • tokenId (required): A string in the format <TOKEN_CONTRACT_ADDRESS>:<NETWORK_ID> that identifies the token to look up.
  • days (required): An integer between 1 and 90, inclusive, that specifies the number of days of data to include in the response.
  • interval (required): The interval at which you want the data points to be grouped in minutes. Accepted values are 5, 15, 30, and 60.


  • x-api-key (required): A valid API key.


curl -X GET ''
-H 'x-api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>'


"_id": {
"token_id": "0x52ec25e58a9e144ff002625bb2aa58cc6da24cb2:56",
"date": "2023-01-09T08:00:00.000Z"
"h": 0.0014347623738461851,
"l": 0.0014293900383247492,
"o": 0.0014347623738461851,
"c": 0.0014293900383247492,
"v": 97.61626900558088
"_id": {
"token_id": "0x52ec25e58a9e144ff002625bb2aa58cc6da24cb2:56",
"date": "2023-01-09T09:00:00.000Z"
"h": 0.0014340568559150129,
"l": 0.001426031539863773,
"o": 0.001426031539863773,
"c": 0.0014340568559150129,
"v": 97.60990218928677
"_id": {
"token_id": "0x52ec25e58a9e144ff002625bb2aa58cc6da24cb2:56",
"date": "2023-01-09T10:00:00.000Z"
"h": 0.0014404419700617668,
"l": 0.0014267965584167693,
"o": 0.0014267965584167693,
"c": 0.0014404419700617668,
"v": 114.30178608781273

Response Object

  • h: The highest price over the interval.
  • l: The lowest price over the interval.
  • o: The opening price for the interval (first data point).
  • c: The closing price for the interval (last data point).
  • v: The volume of the token over the interval.

Response Codes

  • 200: Success. Returns the USD price for the given token.
  • 400: Bad Request. The tokenId, interval, or days query string parameter is not provided or days is greater than 90 or less than 1.
  • 403: Forbidden. The x-api-key header is not provided or is invalid.
  • 404: Not Found. No price updates found within the given time range